Janvi cannot lose, especially not to you. Your eyes tell me everything. Ganga is in thoughts. I am happy about your feelings for Sagar. She calls out for Sagar. Supriya looks at Pulkit as they play. Ganga confronts the astrologer who made a fake kundli for Janvi. It is very important for a girl to keep her in-laws tied to her in her beauty.

We played if you want, smiled, laughed, cried, called me a friend or maid as per your convenience. You will stoop so low to get Sagar? You look disturbed since a last few days. You should not say it just for the sake of it. It is clearly visible that they both like each other. Amma ji calls out for Ganga. Ganga quietly goes back inside. I thought you genuinely loved Sagar.

Dont you know what Yash was trying to do wiht you? Janvi says this is what I want. She collides with a cart. You will cheat everyone? But I will bring out your truth before everyone!

Madhavi spots her and ask her if she noticed the same. Why your words fail you? I will not give up today too. I want to know why women have to bear a lot in every Yuga. He will come to me only.

Gangaa (Kannada)

Now I know you truth. She wipes her tears. Ganga replies back saying that we get angry on our dear ones only. I want everyone to see my second DIL too. Ganga was passing by and gets stunned hearing this. Janvi asks her if she is threatening her. I dint think you will stoop so low. You were going to cheat episodw family that gave you so much love. He says he has understood Ganga loves Sagar.



I cannot lie to you. She knows it too well. You still try to help everyone else in their problems without sharing any of yours. ONly Janvi looks gaangaa with Sagar. Amma ji points out that Sagar dint say anything like that. She moves his hand away. Sagar asks Ganga if she is alright. Amma ji replies that God has planned things thus. You were about to cheat the one you love.

Madhvi told her as well. Madhvi begins to fill to Amma ji again. What kind of a girl you are! Ganga replies back saying that we get angry on our dear ones only. Ganga said he only made them strangers. She threatens him of police.

You only want to snatch him.

Gangaa – Hindi Serial – Episode 234 – January 21, 2016 – And Tv Show – Webisode

She wipes her tears. Sagar is in his room filled with anger as Ganga is not ready to listen to him. Sagar chases Ganga and forcefully ful, to pull her toward himself to talk while Ganga resist.


Outside, Janvi episoce Yash she knows how to start the convo of wedding. You cannot force me to be happy or smile. Please let me go. Ganga is in thoughts. I thought you genuinely loved Sagar.


A lot many people would have been happy then. She thinks she will not cry all her life. Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 6: It is clearly visible that they both like ganggaa other.

Sagar stands there watching her. You want the same today too. Ganga notices a paper falls on the spot where they stood. Tull wont let anyone cheat their belief. Jhanvi and yash goes to priest. I have hurt you. I wont let a cheater girl like you become a part of his life. You should not say it just for the sake of it.

She walks away with her stuff. Sagar comes to bid him goodbye as well.