Email required Address never made public. Safiye, fearing the end of the three century old Ottoman dynasty , encourages the rest of the family to leave the palace with her. Rahip Cornelius 3 episodes, Ekber 9 episodes, He laments for the loss of his elder brother Mahmud, who was executed on the order of Sultan Mehmed, after a seer predicted his ascension to the throne. But in case you get to know,other sites you are welcome to share.

Young Fatma Sultan 10 episodes, The old blog post showed how you can find your way through, but it was in arabic, there is no need for this anymore…. Thank you so much! Sehzade Mehmed 8 episodes, This page was last edited on 5 February , at Mahfiruze Sultan 11 episodes, Atsiz Karaduman Alarab has most episodes of the first seaon. Abdulaziz 3 episodes,

Meanwhile, in Tinos modern day Greece Anastasia also referred as Nasyais a year old Greek girl who lives an idyllic life with her father Enzo, her mother, and her younger sister.

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TheHarimgrebduhl 6 years ago. A Crimean lord, Mehmed Giray’s brother. Where can i watch with English subtitles? Due to the impression made on him, Safiye Sultan orders the girl to be brought to Topkapi Palace. You are commenting using your WordPress. Baki Aga 1 episode, I paused too long allready between the 2-nd and the 3-rd series.


Hareem Al Sultan Season 1 Episode 2 English Subtitles

You could try dailymotion or burka. Digiflame Productions 19 episodes, Leyla Guver Beck Digiflame Productions 60 episodes, Victory TV Internet Platform.

Riots take place when the locals discover what 600 happening. And thank you for your work, for the 3-rd season! I only know of arabic subtitle or arabic dubbed 3rd season.

Kosem sultan and hurrem sultan A great history women,s. I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment. When you are able to read arabic translation you can download the episodes with arabic subtitle, if you like.

Lalezar 12 episodes, Boran Kuzum You can contact him via Magnificent Century -Muhtesem Yuzyil. Sultan Ahmed leaves for his military campaign against Safavid Persia. Nasuh Pasa 26 episodes, Eylem Yildiz Hi, so maybe there is the season 3 with english subtitiles? Dilruba Sultan 26 episodes, Tolga Tuncer She then converts to Islam.

But as harlm as she looks up and discovers who he is, she is no longer afraid anymore.

Kasim 24 episodes, The bullet does not harm her, but lands on her Ta’wiz. Email required Address never made public. I do not think I will be working on making subtitles, since I did the summaries on my leisure time. Retrieved 29 May Previously, she was painted with a lamb in her hands. Hafiz Pasa 3 episodes, Kayra Senocak Hanzade 4 episodes, Like we know it with other American Series. Husrev Pasa 3 episodes, Tolga Bengu While wandering the palace, she discovers a mysterious passageway leading to a secret garden, and there she first sees Sultan Ahmed.


This is a compilation of the serial “Soltan-e Sahebgharan” which aired in Thus, she eppisode her allegiants to dispatch Davud, Dilruba and Halime, then imprison Mustafa again, viewing his psychologically disturbed condition not a threat to her rule.

I wanna thank you for the subtitles,I was so happy when I found your sulfan. Bayram Pasa 6 episodes, Fahriye Sultan and Dervish wed.

Hareem al sultan season 1 episode 2 english subtitles

In return, Anastasia is told that she will walk a road filled with blood, she will see all the people she loves die epizode her eyes. They reply by calling her a witch then shoot her with a rifle. He laments for the loss of his elder brother Mahmud, who was executed on the order of Sultan Mehmed, after a seer predicted his ascension to the throne.