Shock for shock’s sake, I guess? What’s funny is about ten minutes before I took this quiz I saw a commercial to Coco. I knew it was close. It’s the movie’s original language afterall. Movies with Jobs in the Title Fill the blanks in these movie titles. I had over two minutes remaining; it’s relatively simple.

Pixar makes movies independently. New and Popular de en es fr it pt. To answer the question on the front page: Songs From Movies Quiz Name the movies that featured these songs. Even back then, she wasn’t doing movies, was she? Major Hollywood Film Studios. The Best Years of Our Lives. Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Quiz.

He’s a key character, but really, should have just listed Sigourney Weaver there again even though she’s listed for Alien. Forrest Gump Ultimate Trivia. The quiz is paused. Movies By Clue 5. Also, Hans Gruber was an answer in the Villains quiz just two days ago.

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It’s not like the author unilaterally mlvie the list. Groups of Things – Movies. Marvel Superheroes Quiz Name these Marvel heroes based on their alter-ego and a description of their powers.

But you would jetpunnk get people that would say “Could you accept Yellow since I have seen a yellow fire truck? Name the 7 Dwarfs Quiz.


I’m sure if I knew who Aronofsky was, I’d have had a much better chance of getting it. Please come check out my top version, Imdb’s version is a great list, but it does not take in account of much older movies, my list is a difficult, and accurate top movies of all time list! qulzzes

Most Popular Here are our most popular Misc Movie quizzes. Famous, Successful and Popular Movies. Who Starred in that Movie Quiz 11 Name the actors who appeared in each group of three movies.

No movie that new should be added.

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Jetlunk Quiz We give you the sidekick. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Movies by Year, present. The rest of the movie is bland. Random Movie Quotes 3.

So many of the movie quizzes seem to have the same group of movies recycled, with most of them appealing more to males – but I’ve taken enough of them that I’m doing better. Going back to tschutzer’s original comment though, I don’t think I would put any Superman films on the list. Who Starred in that Movie Quiz 1. Like Stars on Earth.


Musicians in Movies Quiz

Pixar makes movies independently. Streisand would definitely rather be thought of as an actress who also sang What’s funny is about ten minutes before I took this quiz I saw a commercial to Coco. If any Superman film was going to make the list, it would probably have been Superman II. Or did he just produce or direct that one? New and Quuzzes de en es fr it pt. No chance for any to have annoyed me.

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Name the Star Wars Movies. Of course it is. Songs From Movies Quiz. Using the description, how many of these Pixar characters can you recognize and name? First, can you accept Glenda? Can you name the actors from the Ocean’s 11 movies, starting with the movie? Who Starred in that Movie Quiz jettpunk We give you three movies.