Perhaps you already read this, but as this topic has been touched on by several forum members over the past couple of weeks, here goes: Got a question for the Watch Snob? I have enjoyed the column over the past few years and have learned quite a bit indeed from the previous installments. While I cherish his watch almost as much as his fish stories, I never wear it outside my home as I am neither a diver nor a jackass. The catalog also explained that H. I would like to acquire a piece de resistance, but also be different from my neighbor or other members of the imperial court.

January 24th, 4. I find the minimalist design of Nomos to be irresistible, the price point also makes this very attractive purchase as well. And of course, if you feel the Jaeger is the way to go, listen to your heart; that way you get to listen to that delightful alarm as well. Results 1 to 10 of Techniec and Gary like this. The fact that it is less expensive matters to me as well, as I am far from being a man of great means. You want to hunt and gather, research and bargain.

Watch Snob Big Watches: Hi WS, Quick and easy question: Now the PloProf clearly leans towards one perhaps two of these. The catalog also explained that H.

Brushed steel is, well, pointless. First, you own a fake watch. For now, maser the Watch Snob reign.

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The Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox offers the same, but with the addition of an ingenious and uncommon complication I think there might very well be fewer alarm watches in production these days watdh there are minute repeaters! Originally Posted by Seaurchin.

Moser are in fact very common. Of course, the decision to make any watch is a marketing decision, ultimately — heaven knows brands make watches to sell them, not just to satisfy some abstract desire to make a nice watch. Agnelli — sartorially, at least — is also an interesting case in point. What is your opinion of Franck Muller watches? The always-relevant question you have posed is apropos, therefore, to any fellow wondering what course to pursue in the search for the next best choice to make in the quest for true horological excellence.


I have enjoyed the column over the past few years and have learned quite a bit indeed from the previous installments. In my professional opinion, there is no debate. Vulcain it is, if you ask me. Luxury has many faces — at its worst, the word is used as a flabby excuse for slipshod quality having its way with predatory pricing; at its best, it is the unplanned for consequence of difficulty in craft, rarity of materials, or excellence in design.

Omega Speedmaster Professional The Nomos is a very fine watch as well, and there is no doubt that its designs have become as popular as they have for a reason.

Recently, however, I have been drawn to two watches of only partial in-house qualification — the Ochs und Junior Moon Phase and the Habring Doppel3. Pairing high and low — or, in his case, almost effetely elegant with almost intolerably utilitarian — is a tricky business and succeeds to the extent that it is an exercise in extremes. He tells me that the watch contains a para-chute shock protection mechanism to protect the watch from damage when he needs to drop his pants quickly.

I know a lot of them use ETA movements, but does that deter from their value as a nice watch? My second choice is the Nomos Glashutte Orion 38mm without datea watch I have had my eye on for quite sometime. The Speedmaster is as you probably know a great favourite of mine. January 24th, 5. If you ever plan to clap your hands, snap your fingers, or swiftly clasp the waist of a beautiful senorita to your torso whilst performing the tango, you will be transmitting far more energy to the watch than its feeble little hammer can ever do, and besides, the calibre is as solid a piece of kit as anyone in the Joux Valley or indeed the whole expanse of the Confederation Helvetica is making these days.


I understand that they both have an ETA base, but I think the works of Ludwig Oechslin and Richard Habring are excellent examples of modern horological innovation.

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My question is, are the handcrafted modules enough to outweigh the fact that their core is pedestrian? I much fancy the stylings of the Memlvox Original PanoMaticLunar, and truly admire its in-house calibre. Well, sir, I happen to think that in fact there are circumstances in which the utilitarian can rise to the level of luxury, and the PloProf is an interesting case in point — an enormous, almost brutal case in point, but a case in point notwithstanding.

JLC has a lower quality finish than a few others January 24th, 8. On this score, you should give serious consideration to both the watches you have mentioned.

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