A chance that he took. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops. Even before Hassan drew his first breath. I watched 79 series, also and left with cliff hanger? How will we ever know? Linda September 16, at

If there is episode 2 , please netfllix purchase this. Alex Prince February 17, at I enjoy a lot of Turkish series; and like a lot of their series it never ends well. Lemon August 3, at 7: He gave up everything and still ended up with nothing and the evil perv done everything nasty and wrong still wins. Famous Faces on Express Entertainment: On the other hand, Timur is so much more deserving and self-sacrificing.

Episde, the series allows her to mature enough to become disenchanted with the vain spoiled Sinan and to see Timur for who he is. Epiwode is only pyzr sister channel of Express Entertainment. There were parts that just had me irritated that I skipped through but all in all very good, I think Derin shot Sinah and I loved that Mine and Turah finally got together because Sinah was too hot headed but did not like that it ended with uncertainty not knowing if there will be a continuation.

Not even the girl in the kidnapping ,era the amount of pain and suffering Sinan had. She called out to her. Due to getting old prematurely, he seems a little sad, He laughes away, looking at world condition.

Urdu 1 turns to be a winner Azhar Iqbal Year ago. Jodie April 6, at 5: Norah Burns May 28, at 4: I do think Timur had to go see Bala which of course he would not tell Mine about and the neighborhood was not on the waterfront.


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I think the acting by the character playing Emine was award winning, such a difficult role. Denise November 27, at 3: How msenay merve see her mom at the wedding when all along were led to believe Timor was a widow What happens to Eminemwho is definitely out of her mind Does turan and his wife reunite Does sinan recover and unite with the neighbor and her child What about erdal and fundas baby And what about the physco Derin who shot Sinan This was a wonderful family saga story but totally left me disappointed!!!

She definitely needs help to think straight. My guess, who shot Sinan? Unbelievable that Seyit committed suicide. Where is season 2 netflix. I was turned on to the girl I lovedand was hooked.

Faraib is all about betrayal where there’s a plethora of dramas based on social issues and love stories, Epizode TV brings a play that explores the relationship Winter Sun is good also. Sinan, I also feel for but he is fpisode controlling and pushy and if emenay would have had some patience to understand Mine better, that would have helped her stay in love with him.

He has the right to know him and not to waste time and enjoy each other.

He had all them spies watching her. Keeping an open mind and understanding cultural traditions makes it interesting. Eminem played her role very well. But instead, he threatened Sinan.


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This is a ridiculous way to treat your customers. The English daily newspaper is named as The Express Tribune. Hannah March 21, at 4: She probably went to greener pastures. September 9, — June 18, Production Company: I agree in that Derin killed Sinan. Now introducing New Kosem Sultan drive.

Maria January 22, at 5: Probably she was still alive. You guys, I could be wrong but I swear Timur was talking to Bala and said his first wife died…I guess I misunderstood.

meenay mera pyar ost

I really recommend Winter Sun. I do not like these unanswered questions.

Sinan Hakan Kurtason the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes fuull a rich family. That makes him evil. Too many strange happenings and the characters were not always clear and often had no basis in reality.

Express Entertainment

Timur made sure he overpowered Mine by playing like a father to Hasan while leaving his own daughter on the outside looking in. He used an evil person to obtain incriminating information that he thought would remove competition. Really good series though, with phenomenal acting. He was controlling and evil mefnay all his ways in trying to keep Sinan away from Mine.