Then, Raden Putra told Cindelaras hulubalangnya to invite to the palace. Uwa Batara Lengser appeared and proposed to invite a new ascetic, called Ajar Sukaresi — who was none else than King Prabu Permana Di Kusumah — to explain the strange dream. He considers that the crow sacred and obeyed when Raden Inu given the wrong direction. Batur berarti abdi sementara Raden berarti mulia. She asked for apology. Raja kerajaan tersebut sanagt baik dan ia memiliki seorang putri cantik yang begitu dicintainya. Finally, Ciung Wanara met his mother, Pohaci Naganingrum and lived happily in his kingdom. When the king was about to pass away he gave the throne to his second daughter, Purba Sari.

The water overflow is very high and wide so as to form a lake. Baby Pohaci inclusion in gold kandaga chicken and eggs accompanied dihanyutkannya into the river Citandui. Meanwhile Dewi Pangreyep reported to the king that Pohaci had given birth to a baby dog. As there were many animals in the wood she got along with them well. Aku tidak akan membiarkan hal itu terjadi. Red Onion and Garlic bawang merah bawang putih Time ago in a village lived a family consisting of father, mother and a beautiful teenage girl named garlic. Prince was named Raden Inu Kertapati. This event made Prince Hariang Banga got very angry.

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Aki Balangantran lived with his wife Nini Balangantran. He lived alone all alone. The west of the river was given to Hariang Banga while Ciung Wanara ruled the eastern part of the kingdom. The day was very sunny weather. They reported it to the king which gave him a fright, as such a dream was usually a warning to women who were going to be pregnant. The animals were immediately attacked the red onion and his mother to death.


The king was furious to hear about that so he asked the princess to meet him.

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Finally the king decided to divide his kingdom into two parts. After hearing the story of father and adoptive mother, would she know Ciung Vanara. While Inu Kertapati prince did not want to say anything when they know candra kirana disappeared. News of the wonders of chicken Cindelaras spread quickly to get to the Palace. Having heard the command from Roro Jonggrang, lady’s maid soon burn straw. Because his mother was disappointed with the treatment, then Sangkuriang decided to go wandering, and left home.

Suta adalah seorang abdi yang baik, dia melakukan tugas nya mer awat kuda raja dan raja mengaha rga i tugas nya.

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So he ordered Lengser, his faithful assistant, to find the boy. Because fascinated with the beauty of the woman, then direct Sangkuriang proposed. Both are pregnant In the 9 th Pangrenyep Goddess gave birth to a son. One night both queens dreamt that the moon feel upon them. Ciung Wanara took the onggris, made for the wood as told by the old man, but he could not find a fowl.

Since childhood he had been friends with forest-dwelling animals. At that time both of them qanara pregnant. Raja sangat senang ketika Dewi Pangreyep melahirkan bayi laki-laki. According to his brother Aria Cliff, supernatural power of Serunting located on the vibrating reeds plants although not in the wind. Then the king of Galuh who had many cocks and also loved cock fighting heard the news.


They thought it was already morning, and they had to go. Several years later Ciung Wanara grew up ingris be a handsome and smart boy. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Finally the magic of the witch is gone because of that encounter. Newer Post Older Post Home. Their son grew into a very handsome boy and strong, but there are habits that make everyone wonder.

Ande Ande Lumut

Since then the kingdom Galuh divided into 2 sections with river boundary Cipamali. However, he had good intentions. He was praying to God.

Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. He was also rude towards the two queens. Raja setuju karena ia yakin bahwa ayam itu akan menang.

Hingga akhirnya, raja yang serakah tersebut menerima akibat dari perbuatannya yang sewenang-wenang baik pada keluarga maupun rakyatnya. Day and night they prayed to god to ask for children.

Initially Lutung Kasarung was a handsome ciuny who was punished by Cinug and became a monkey. Then she put the baby in a box and had it thrown to a river.

After that she ordered the army to send Purba Sari to a wood and had her exiled there.