In the election, people fulfilled their duty in the best way possible, which was by going to the polls. His oral and written works are unexceptionally instructive and inspiring; and his advice and admonitions, which sprang from a heart filled with faith and belief, are useful both for the Ulema and the laymen. It is my most pleasant duty to thank Shn Vasant Sathe. This role is very important; it needs both courage and self-confidence, it requires both thinking strength and Ijtihad being well- qualified in jurisprudence and different theological fields , it both needs certainty and resolute belief. I must tell you that we were and still are under the impression that these rivalries were between the four candidates who are all individuals committed to the system. Of course, they have differences of opinion and plans that differ from one another.

My relationship with him goes back to before the Islamic Revolution. Sunder Narain Khutbat-e-Mushran. Later on, I will tell you how the enemy targeted the very trust of the people in the Islamic establishment. Some people told him [Ayatollah Motahhari] it was better to go somewhere else to hide. If political elites disobey the law and make wrong decisions, they will be held accountable for any violent actions or rioting that ensues. Watch Matador online on Movies.

They realized the reality of Iran. I do not like to exaggerate while I am addressing my audience, but regarding the recent election, I must tell you great people that no matter what I say, words cannot describe the greatness of your great accomplishment. Peace be upon him.

Syed Shariful Hasan Kurfish Scores of scholars have taken advantage of this collection so far The scope of research of some of the scholars has been Azad himself Notable amonc them aie Shri Malik Ram. The row is not between revolutionary and anti-revolutionary forces, it is a difference of opinion between the members of the Islamic Revolution. He was considered the philosophical student of Imam Khomeini and Allameh Tabatabaiee.

Some of the people who were killed in these riots were ordinary people, ordinary Basij members.

Who will be held accountable for this? Around the year he was forbidden to speak which lasted till the triumph of the Tg revolution. He was my prime minister for eight years. Gobind Parshad Shlrin Khusro Kanpur. Martyred professor, Allameh Morteza Motahhari, was born on February 2, in the town of Fariman, 75 kilometers from the holy city of Mashhad. We aim to promote education and understanding while building a historic archive relating to contemporary Islamic thought.


Shah Mohammad Taqwnat-ul-Iman. Not yet rated nasir Of course, they have differences of opinion and plans that differ from one another. This competition was a free, serious and transparent race between four candidates as we all witnessed.

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Watch hindi drama serial dil dhoondta hai online. Masihul Hassan for working ceaselessly on the project My special thanks are due to Shn Shahabuddin Ansari and Shri S Masihul Hassan who have extended their wholehearted cooperation and support in preparing the index for these volumes In addition to these stalwarts m the field of information sciences the project was also assisted by other friends In this connection I wish to express my thanks to Shn Azim Ahmad Khan Shn Hasin Asgar, Ms Bharati Dubey.

It was his practice both at the time of studentship and after that and even at the time of martyrdom. It is also wrong to assume that street riots can be used as leverage to pressure the establishment and to force officials to listen to them for what they believe is in the interest of the country.

Mohammad Khatiman Nablvin Surat.

Delhi, Dhomi Mai Dharam Das. Mohammad Pania-e-Shaitan Banaras. Everyone is duty-bound to fight corruption. They saw that they are really battling it out and exchanging viewpoints. Anjami Kotaey halbzhardnakani 30y Nisan We thank God that Mr. Having given an enlightening speech against the Shah on Wednesday, 5th of JuneAyatollah Motahhari was detained by the police at 1 a.

Persian and English that bore comments of Maulana Azad on their maigins These were the spontaneous opinions of Maulana Azad and were only for his private use Shri Masihul Hassan collected all such comments and diligent! We are duty bound to remain vigilant and to be careful not to commit mistakes at this critical point in time.


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Dar-ul-Isha at, Vol 2 P Famous travelogue of the author, of his visit to several countries Includes a brief introduction in English at the end of the book Vol 2 On India Another edition Hyderabad. To support the good cause please purchase the DVD version of this movie from www.

Not yet rated sethar This is what the televised debates indicated.

Baitul Hikmat, n d P A commentary of “Al-Muzammil” and “Al-Mudassir” chapters of Quraan Showing the revolutionary and anti- imperialist philosophy of these surahs Hv on the notes taken by the compiler The author a noted fighter against the British UmarMohammad. This was a breath of fresh air, a new movement and a great opportunity for the Islamic system. LOC – Kargil Love. Financial corruption is an important issue in the Islamic establishment. Can you even speak about human rights when you are responsible for the blood shed in Afghanistan and Drma Later on; however, he got to the subjects of theology, i.

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Infollowing an ideological dispute with a communist teacher of the faculty of divinity, he became retired prematurely. On gv first issue, where I address you dear jurdish, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude. Does it mean that one Islamic school of thought should be unanimously followed and others be set aside?

The four candidates who entered the presidential race all belonged and still belong to the Islamic establishment. The stance of the Islamic establishment drzma clear-cut regarding corruption and social justice. If necessary, I will tell the people about them in due time. By the Islamic unity these scholars mean that all Muslims should unite in one line against their common enemies. There is a point I want to make here.