These four tours easily be adapted to suit will help you truly discover this Butterfly on individual needs. The medieval castle and arched bridge of this pretty village were painted by the French artist Claude Monet. The paintings of the Brignole-Sale family, which form the core of the art collection, are primarily works by Italian and Flemish masters and the Genoese school, reflecting the taste prevalent in the centuries during which the collection was formed. The painting was subject to excessively vigorous cleaning in the 20th century, which has led to some damage. This is one of the most popular destinations for the Genoese, who come for day trips, especially at the weekends. There are wonderful frescoes on the third floor. Among the most common subjects were the triumphs of the commissioning family or holy scenes such as St George killing the dragon. A similar festival is held at Vezzano Ligure see below.

The brick-built apse is particularly lovely, ornamented by blind arches with arcading above. Reliefs on the front of the chapel illustrate the life of the Baptist. Each area can be quickly identified by its colour coding. These are The supposed birthplace of Guercino. At its peak, the city of Acre had 50, inhabitants and 38 churches; it was the last place in the Holy Land to be conquered by the Arabs, in The most impressive amphitheatre in Liguria can be seen among the ruins of ancient Luni, at the foot of the Apuan Alps a source of white marble much in demand in ancient Rome. Palazzo Reale see p77 , built in the 17th century, belonged to the Balbi family, to the Durazzos and finally to the Savoys, and is now the seat of the Galleria Nazionale.

The Museo Giannettino Luxoro has three paintings by Alessandro Magnasco, but is best known for its decorative arts, including ceramics, clocks and nativity scene figures. There in their Fiat s from is also a Battaglia di Fiori battle all over Europe.

Separate projects to restore the building, carried out in the s and s, have restored San Siro to its original Wooden statue of form, including San Siro, the decorative masonry in grey sandstone and the pavement of black and white pebbles outside the church. It was founded in the 12th century by the monks of San Colombano in Bobbio in Emilia-Romagna and donated in to the Benedictines of Marseille, who reclaimed the land and used it for cultivation.

Sadly, none of the palazzi are open to the public. Roman Liguria, however, was never more than a backwater: On the left of the villa, in a beautiful panoramic position, stands the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie. Other impressive schemes included the construction of the Molo Nuovo new quay and of the famous Lanterna lighthouseboth in the port. The penguin tank houses both Magellanic and Gentoo penguins.


The gallery offers an exhaustive tour of Genoese painting as well as many great European paintings from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

The fortified town of Chiavari dates fromwhen the Genoese expanded into the Riviera di Levante in their struggle to counter the power of the Fieschi family arch rivals of the Doria dynasty. This to the sea and the large islands of is a region that was always more the Mediterranean than towards the easily reached by sea than by land.

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Albaro was one of the towns annexed to the city in Works of art inside include two canvases from a polyptych by Carlo Braccesco depicting Saints Augustine and Jerome and Saints Blaise and Pantaleon. The port was revamped Via Aurelia, represented a crucial with the help of local architect stage in the future development of Renzo Piano in the run-up to the the cinrma.

This church rises on the site of the Roman castrum, or fort, around which the earliest parts of the city were constructed. V n Corso Longhi 32, Tel 95 In the centre, the parallel The castle at Rapallo, a defensive structure dating from lace for furnishing, and several 18—19th century pillows.

Demographically, Liguria is in deep water. It has a wonderfully rustic font inside. It is a fascinating city in a spectacular site and with many important monuments. Palazzo Bianco This gallery houses 13th—18th-century European paintings. The former has been the subject of a major but gradual regeneration, which has seen the creation of, among other things, the futuristic Aquarium, considered one of the finest in Europe. The price guides include and Roman remains.

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A statue of Diana, the work of Gian Battista Cevasco, poses elegantly beneath the dome, while four tritons stand guard in the water around the temple. Romanesque-style reconstruction began in the 12th century but The dome of the was never completed.

Its construction resulted from the creation of an oligarchy by the Genoese admiral Andrea Doria, supported by a few wealthy families devoted to lucrative commercial and financial activity. The defeat of the mune within the Genoese republic. The theatre is dominated by a huge square tower pierced by small windows. The village streets are still paved with river stones, or simply earth.

The Duchess of Galliera had it restored in Gothic style. As a result, the church is raised up on a terrace and is reached by means of a scenic flight of steps. The town of San of Genoa Remo was acquired by the eventually forced the French Doria family but managed to liberate to withdraw. There is a serious problem of population decline in some areas a problem common to all parts of the Italian Apenninesbut village communities do survive in the hinterland, dependent mostly on agriculture.


Detailed information Addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours and admission pgenotazione are also provided. V n Lungomare Vittorio Veneto 7, A pretty medieval village, it has a charming harbour crowded with brightly painted houses. Back in the old town, the Galleria Rizzi has paintings, sculptures, ceramics and furniture collected by the local Rizzi family. The church is name; it is the work of almost completely enclosed Giovanni Romano. There are butterflies and chameleons, too. Among the most common subjects were the triumphs of the commissioning family or holy scenes such as St George killing the dragon.

Via Di Ravecca 47 nero. It is furnished with a large bridal bed c. The way of life in the interior is a prennotazione away from the bustling scene on the coast. Francesco Il Brignole-Sale 36 7 The Cook by Bernardo Strozzi Local artist Strozzi — displays great virtuosity with his brushwork in this canvas, inspired by Flemish models and the naturalism of Caravaggio Room 7.

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The little church there has a cloister containing tombs of the Doria family. Two important fresco cycles illustrate the two main phases in the history of the palazzo. Room 3 is dedicated to penotazione Venetian school from the 16th century, with works by Tinto- The intense St Sebastian by Guido Reni, on display in Room 4 retto and Paolo Veronese, Room 5 contains works by Guercino —including the fine Dying Cleopatra, bought by one of the Durazzo family in It is richly decorated with marble and topped with flamboyant Gothic detailing.

There is fine sculpture both inside and out, and the chapels of Lercari and San Giovanni Battista are of special interest. Battles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines During the long struggle between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire, the Guelphs supported the former, the Ghibellines the latter. It akbenga similar to Pierre Puget during a French bombardthe Porta di — The hill between the two old villages has been transformed into the public Parco di Villa Durazzo.