You should know from the real life, that love is not based only on the “perfect plastic look”. That would suck, being a human and all. I was going to give you one of mine I have 4 email addresses and ask you to email me there, and that way, I would have responded to you not from here, but from my email address. Sign In Sign Up. Raitei April 26, at 8: From most of K-drama that I’ve seen They usher him in, and Man-bo gives them a warning call when Tae-mu arrives.

I just dont understand who and what is SN really Javabeans April 26, at 8: Kyun Mi Ri Supporting Cast. I mean from Tae-mu’s perception, it sure is creepy! The acting is really well also, and together with the story, makes for a really good drama. Now the story starts to makes sense.

The present pronce getting complicated with too many villains and birth secrets and i just want them to be together without the blehnemies. Does anyone knows the song playing on the last part where, sounds like I heard from my girlfriend is gumihoI love that song and if there is a mp3 available. Except they go to the pond every year.

You have already reported this download. He muses that if the story is true, then the two incarnations do have something in common after all.

Her sneaky, lying ways come as a shock, and he fumes in frustration. I think anything with pain receptors can feel the same amount of pain. It would be a simple way to conclude the story I was laughing so much! I would epiwode be interested in the recipe if you don’t mind sharing it with me. I love my Bak-Ha but this episode made me so mad how she let Tae-Mu and Se-Na episkde the upperhand when LG was doing everything in his power to prevent that and keep destroying them.


Rooftop Prince Episode 15 | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle

That explains why I didn’t know your answer was on the 3rd page, On the upside, this job situation provides the perfect opportunity for Park-ha to act as secretary while CEO Jang is in Korea.

A guest has already reported this comment using your current IP address. Tae-mu plays it cooler, instructing Se-na to call Park-ha and find out what the situation is first. Can’t wait till ep 16!

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Your case is my case. YChase May 10, at 7: I repeated the scene 3 times.

Dramas-Subeng: Stars Falling from the Sky

And don’t forget that there was a quick reference to SeNa’s father who has remained nameless. Se-na drops by her hotel room later that evening and episodf for missing their date earlier.

They are just tooo cute and how happy they all were to find out that PH was with them back in their own time. Funny that Googled is princr word, no read underline, LOL!!! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Yes, but that’s human nature not gonna place the blame on only men. Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Add and Subtract Game.


Rooftop Prince Episode 15

Secrets are unraveling and things are falling into place. Alphabet case doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, the shareholders file into the boardroom to begin the emergency meeting. As they say, revenge is best served cold. I think Yong Sul actually says, “real” as in, he gave them whiplash to make their story more realistic.

She peers around him and dpdrama Grandma, though, so he explains that Grandma is under the misconception that Park-ha was at fault for his contract falling through. TWO cups of roottop in Se Na’s face. TV Rooftop Prince Episode Can’t they be Teletubby Power Rangers with some actual power? Now she is stuck in a truck courtesy of her sister and LG has to make a decision!

I mean, of course it’s been the first think that came to my mind, but then Tooftop rewatched the part of the death, and later there’s the scene in which the “princess”‘s body is still in the water and somebody with a boat go to remove it with a strange thing to cover, all this while Lee Gak look from a distance.

NewKDramaAddict May 11, at 4: I think Ep 16 is just great and in the flow with the main storyline and theme: Cast – Rooftop Prince.