Amu’s class is assigned to draw a composition about their favorite place at school. She uses Shooting Star Shower to stop the fight and comes down to embrace Ikuto. The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats. Kiseki finally accepts Rhythm after he gives him a hug. After the Guardians blocked the performers’ attacks, Amu changes the? Amu runs into Kairi and learns that Rima was nearly kidnapped before and there was a dispute between her parents.

The next day, the new Guardians are announced. The episode ends in a cliffhanger with Amu concerned about Yua. It is rumored that a person will have their wish granted if they listen to it. Picking up after last episode, Utau manages to keep the festival going and saves the show. Ami also enters the contest with the Plum Class boys. As they arrive, they find Utau extracting X Eggs from the gathered crowd. Now that they know what the cause of Nana’s fever is, Amu decides to go home when Lulu’s mom asks Amu to sleep-over. One day, the Tsukiyomi siblings come to Tadase’s place.

Amu hopes that Ikuto will be able to hear Utau’s song someday.

Nikaidou plans to use the next X Egg to create the Embryo and selects Kukai as his next target. She then throws a farewell party.

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Yaya returns to the third grade classroom to resume the search, but finds the bird already in its cage. Egg turns into an X Egg, allowing a stronger Open Heart to purify her. Ikuto is feeling weak again, and walking through a park, he sees Amu and Yoru, but then collapses.


When Nagihiko arrives home, he dresses up as a female and is revealed to be Nadeshiko. Even at the end of the episode, Amu is still trying to make Rima laugh.

Meanwhile, Nana and Lulu are watching them eat ramen and Nana accuses Lulu of being jealous. Amu unsuccessfully tries to remind Utau about how Utau enjoyed singing.

Episode ends with ” Honto no Jibun “, originally shown as the first ending theme to the first season. At night, Amu attempts to sneak out, but she gets lost again. She begs Ikuto to play fhara violin there, but he refuses.

One of Easter’s researchers controlling the search devices accidentally launches a shell towards Ikuto and Amu, but Ikuto blocks it.

As the group returns home, Amu begins to suspect that Nikaidou is the one creating the X Eggs.

Utau begs Amu, and Amu finds Ikuto. During rehearsal, Marimo makes a simple mistake and Saaya and her group criticize Marimo for it. Yaya comes up with the idea of paying Tadase a visit. Yukina is not present at cyara contest.

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Amu still hasn’t heard from Yua though, and begins to worry. Lulu goes to find a lost soul and finds a girl who can’t choose which type of food she likes. The Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key are united. Futatsu no Kyara Nari! At school, Nikaidou gives an essay assignment to the Star Class about their dreams for the future.


List of Shugo Chara! episodes – Wikipedia

Kukai is out shopping for groceries for his older brothers. Today is Rima’s birthday.

The Embryo shows up, the transformation are called off with a now purified Black Eggand the scientists use the Embryo Catcher to get it. Ran calls her cheeky, they all get angry at each other, and Su flies off. Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival’s show.

As they arrive, they find Utau extracting X Eggs from the gathered crowd. When Lulu comes to, Nana has disappeared because Lulu had selfishly used her for her own intentions.

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Seeing the opportunity, she turned his Heart’s Egg into a? Manami tells Amu that she dreams of being a florist some day. As the group leaves the store, Yoru steals Su’s decoration and Su is separated from the rest of the group.

However, she becomes scared. While descending, saaison Amu and Ikuto take note of their new forms.