BG was petty and self-serving. One Huge factor though , is my hearty pals here. Let him die, she makes us never forget him, leave more impact to us. And then we die. Bong-gu wanted power, which he equated with money up until he met Jae-ha. His conversation with the Queen Mother also answered his motivations, especially why he killed his father.

Arhazivory’s Zombie May 24, at As if she was , consciously , holding some back. Will we meet again? My ‘Whys’ 1 I haven’t outgrown my love for fairytales. I don’t think i’ll grow tired of watching and re-watching this show. I have this and the Secret Garden downloaded and will be watching it again and again I already have seen my favourite parts probably a dozen times

Like the polititians had to be threatened by Bong-Gu didnt realize they could together be powerful enough to just get rid of Bong-Gu. Kappy May 25, at 8: And now I have a giant Eun Shi-kyung-shaped hole in my heart, and the show ended without patching it up properly. Sure, Bong-gu was the evil one who set the war into motion, but once that happened, the immediate threat became the world powers and I forgot ikng Bong-gu even existed.

And yes, I’m still so sad that Shi Kyung died, I got teary eyed just reading the part about their imaginary dialogue with Jae Shin at sinopsiis end. To make it even better he kind of look like a monkey.


He just looks down at his phone in tear-filled shock. It reinforces the theme that good suffers on the path to defeating evil.

Everyone starts breathing again, including me. He wanted power and thought money would bring it to him. Best Dad Ever in kdramaland.

ssinopsis Everything except Shi Kyung’s death and foreign stand-ins making like they’re Americans was of the highest standards. These actors made me invest soooo much into the characters.

SINOPSIS The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Think he’s still d most rough around the edgesin acting. I honestly have not seen anything this sad elisode a while now. One Huge factor thoughis my hearty pals here. There are many memorable scenes in that film, but personal favorite is when he ‘released’ to cure their chief’s wife.

Sue May 25, at 4: Bong-gu’s insistence that Jae-ha gets his power from his title strikes me as a last-ditch attempt to reduce Jae-ha’s power to something that Bong-gu CAN attain. A hero who saves the girl is swoonworthy, sure.

Heaarts THEN, when Jae-ha actually gains traction against Bong-gu citing “the people” as the source of his powerBong-gu seems to realize that Jae-ha gets his power from those around him and attempts to buy the loyalty that Jae-ha possesses in spades, namely by trying to entice Shi-kyung to his side. Which means that lemgkap will be a second or even third. Oh, and as a gift for all of us: And it was totally unexpected too ’cause he’s not one to show his emotions that easily.


But 1-220 does not mean I have forgiven you for killing our Ernest Bot! He turns to walk away. They both cry for a moment, and then Hang-ah braces herself.

Cinderedna May 24, at Jae-ha lingers leng,ap another moment in the hallway, and then he wipes his tears and mirrors her walk. He is such a good actor too. I was holding my breath during the whole wedding ceremony because I was afraid Bong-gu would try to interrupt. Hang-ah walks into the room and Jae-ha lights up to see her. This would be a drama that I’ll never forget.

Sinopsis Drama The King 2 Hearts Episode 1-20 (Tamat)

Your points about him is spot on though. I’m so glad the writers didn’t give her the irritating personality they often give to rich ladies of standing. When will we share precious moments. Grandeur delusion, definitely yes. Gawd I can’t believe its over! Even money sinopwis him since Jae-Ha did all this while following the law.