Friday 30 May, – 9pm on E4. Even with her mother, Iris’ full time help, Michelle is completely lost. Can she get them to collaborate at all? Michelle and Harding have a eleven-year-old girl called Hailey, a eight-year-old girl called Camyrn and a four-year-old boy called Matthew. The Costello Family []. Cheryl has a seven-year-old girl called Chantal, five-year-old twin boys called Nicholas and Caleb and four-year-old twin boys called Bobby and Elijah. Karen and Jason have a ten-year-old boy, Ben, a nine-year-old girl, Lauren, a six-year-old boy, Joshua, and a four-year-old boy, Joseph. Kelly has a five-year-old girl, Sophie, and a four-year-old boy, Callum.

The McGrath Family []. Alice and Anthony have a twelve-year-old boy called Anthony, a six-year-old girl called Naleila “Leila” and a fourteen-month-old girl called Alyssa. Royal Palm Beach, FL. Alexandra “Sandra” and Doug have four-year-old fraternal twins, George and Nicole. All but one of the children are misbehaving, while Mum and Dad are at loggerheads over different parenting styles. Louise has a ten-year-old boy called Bailey and five-year-old twin girls called Madison and Harleigh. Friday 16 May, – 9pm on E4.

But twins George and Nicole did not prove the easiest of children. Nicky and Chris have a four-year-old boy, Cameron, and a fifteen-month-old boy, Mackenzie. The Browning Family []. Joanne and Michael have an eight-year-old boy hzines Zachary, three-year-old twin boys called Joseph and John and sixteen-month-old fraternal twins called Michael and Molly.

The Burnett Family [53]. Wednesday 07 July, – 9: The James Family []. Tuesday 03 October, – 9: The Bates family Stuart and Sarah Bates had two lovely boys and wanted a girl to complete their happy family.

But how are they doing now?


Episode List

The Walker Family [84]. Audible Download Audio Books. Jo visits the Swanson family where hainss Ken and Vania are struggling to discipline their 5 sons: Annette and Robert have a nine-year-old boy Callum and a three-year-old girl called Katie-Ann.

Brian has a nine-year-old girl called Spernanny “Ellie”, a seven-year-old boy called Silas, a five-year-old girl called Kaia and a three-year-old girl called Anna. Only boy Tyler and youngest daughter Tia are running riot around the house, verbally abusing their mother, while dad Martin just sits looking on his computer.

The boys are absolute angels when they’re with their Dad, but Kobe is a nightmare when he’s with his Mum. The Orm Family [47].

Seven year old Brandon is terrified of food, and mealtimes in the Bixley household have become a nightmare. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Because the parents are so happy their twin boys are healthy, they let them get away with everything. The Newsome Family []. The Demott Family [].

Supernanny is back, and this time she’s in Liverpool, home to the Hancox-Smith family. Danielle and Joe have a four-year-old boy called Carlo, a three-year-old boy called JJ and a one-year-old girl called Julia.

Supernanny TV series

Wednesday 08 October, – wathc on C4. Caroline and Suni have a seven-year-old boy, Jamie, a six-year-old girl, Jasmine, a five-year-old girl, Jenna, and a three-year-old boy, Tiny. The Douglas family revisited Doug and Sandra Douglas were overjoyed when they became parents.

Can Jo help get the Haines family more lively? The Atkinson Family [].

Jo has a twelve-year-old boy called John, a nine-year-old boy called Max and a five-year-old girl called Willow. The kids fight with each other and don’t listen to Jency at all. Lisa and Terry have five-year-old fraternal triplets called Will, Ethan and Isabella. Khalin was diagnosed with ADHD and tends to be very aggressive with his parents. Danielle and Tom have a seventeen-year-old girl called Meghan, an eight-year-old girl called Cheryl, a seven-year-old girl called Allyson, a six-year-old girl called Mackenzie, a two-year-old girl called Riley, a one-year-old girl called Kassiah and a six-month-old boy called Caden.


The Williams family Supernanny heads to Birmingham where four feisty children – and awtch dad – are driving mum mad! Friday 02 May, – 9pm on E4. Wednesday 26 September, – 8: The show’s appeal in the U. A Star Is Born 7. The Daniels Family [93]. The Charles family Life has been tough for the Charles hainees since the birth of their twins 15 months ago.

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Sunday 28 June, – 5. The Haines Family [78].

Thirteen year old Simone fights with her younger brother, Andrew, 10, while younger siblings Ben and Georgia not only misbehave, but won’t stay in bed. Jo helps out single mom Lisa Nitti who can’t control her four out-of-control sons: