They were then given a series of challenges, including driving across a field after a rave , parking cars at night, and an obstacle course in which each presenter had to drive round the course and hit as many of the obstacles as they could. The presenters were set the challenge of building amphibious cars, and using them to get to—and across—a two-mile-wide reservoir. The presenters go on a trans-France road trip to the recently completed at the time of broadcast Millau Viaduct , in their favourite supercar — Hammond takes the Pagani Zonda , May drives the Ferrari F , and Clarkson handles the Ford GT. Seven F1 rivalries to get excited about in Richard Hammond’s Suzuki Escudo. May crashed the caravan into a bollard. The producers then instruct the presenters to ‘do it properly’, and each buy an alternative to the standard ambulance used by the NHS a Mercedes Sprinter , with their choices being tested in a series of challenges. Season 5, Episode 6.

Hammond sets out to complete two laps around Stowe Circuit at Silverstone driving the Renault R25 Formula One car, which took both the driver’s with Fernando Alonso and constructor’s championship titles in the Formula One season. Matt and Chris go separate ways: Season 17, Episode 3. When the three pulled into a petrol station to refuel, the station’s owner called a gang and attacked them and their film crew with stones and chased them out of town. There was no winner, as the team said that all of their cars were the best. Clarkson Clarkson declared himself the winner and May as the loser as he could not even give his car away. Season 12, Episode 5. Clarkson accidentally set the caravan and its neighbour on fire while trying to cook chips.

This eventually broke, and his engine seized, forcing May to tow him. Geear, May arrives in a Peugeot S Cabriolet which arrives already broken down.

Budget Supercars, part 2/4 (Series 7, Episode 4)

The presenters go on a motoring holiday in Mainland Europe during the Summer, each taking a light-weight supercar with them through France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, on their search to find the best driving road in the world.

The presenters noted that the other modifications generally didn’t help, and some even made the car slower. Clarkson painted his superczrs black, resulting in multiple visibility problems.

Clarkson chauffeured Chris Moyles using a greatly lengthened, dual rear axle Fiat Pandawhich as originally engineered had not been road legal, and arriving with only half a car after it split in two before reaching its destination.

Elsewhere, Clarkson is finding out how fast and exciting the Ferrari GTB Fiorano is, before squeezing into the world’s smallest car back thenmade by the Isle of Man, the Peel P50and taking it for a drive inside BBC Television Centrewhile Rolling Stones’ legend, Ronnie Woodsees if he can be fast in the reasonably priced car.

May and Clarkson have won the most cheap car challenges with seven victories and Hammond has won three. The presenters won the challenge because The Stig was stopped by the traffic police just 3 miles from the finish. Chris did miles, Matt did miles, Rory did miles, and the losing cars were turned into taxicabs by locals.


Hammond and May were able to remove their doors easily, while Clarkson simply rammed his off with the LDV. However, with help from The Stigthey eventually finished third in class and 39th overall, despite a fuel pump failure, only just making the start, several fuel leaks, going off the track many times, and Hammond crashing into a Mosler.

However, as his co-presenters pointed out, the image appeared in Clarkson’s own newspaper column in The Sun to which he responded that they both also have newspaper columns that they could have used. Jeremy, Richard and James get bored Series 21, Episode 3. Two family cars, a combined 1,bhp. Novelty challenges and short stunt films are typically based on absurd premises, such as jumping a bus over motorcycles stretefire of the more typical scenario of supercard motorcycle jumping over busesor a nun driving a monster truck.

Each of the presenters complained that they had not received the best obstacle. The three criticise the sheer amount of money people have to spend just to play golf, and they claimed that you can invest less money in car racing, or in this case, rallycross.

Clarkson Clarkson declared himself the winner and May as the loser as he could not even give his car away. May ended up destroying another one of his pianos. When the points were tallied up, May won easily due to his car being in the best condition so having the lowest restoration cost.

Season 12, Episode 5. As has happened on previous challenges, a spare car was provided by the producers should any of the cars critically break down. In the end the truck won, although the sled overtook them at one point while they were crossing the first of two fields of ice boulders. Series Ten, Episode Seven [8]. Jet Plane to Verbier, Switzerland. Meanwhile, Clarkson reviews the Ford Focus ST on the track, and British transport minister Stephen Ladyman injures the Liana as he tries to set a time on the test track.

There were several punctures and Hammond broke his wishbone on the passenger’s side. Certain challenges since the African Cheap Car Road Trip have had a back-up car made available for any presenter whose car breaks down and cannot be repaired. Clarkson bought a Mercedes-Benz S and designed his perfect interior based upon his imagined perfect house. Retrieved from ” https: At the end of the show, Rory showed that his black cab had been mounted on a plinth beside the Buran spacecraft at the cosmodrome.

After sleeping in a really poor hotel the boys decided to convert their cars into ‘mobile homes’. Challenges include a snow slope climbing test where Hammond failed to engage his 4WDa game of tag with caravans hitched to their cars and featuring ‘Leisure Stig’ in a Kia Sportage, a acceleration and braking test at a muddy test area with ‘Leisure Stig’ setting the benchmark in a Kia Sportage where James made his way to a muddy pond at the end of the trackmodifying their own cars to suit the lifestyle theme better and doing some ‘leisure activity’ at a nearby pond, rolling their cars down a steep cliff to test the car’s robustness and safety, and to wrap it up, a five-mile-long off-road race from a Yorkshire grouse moor to a conference and dinner held at Yorkshire’s Broughton Hall, where the last to arrive had to do an after-dinner speech.


Clarkson recorded the fastest time despite blowing his engine, followed by Hammond with May slowest. Season 16, Episode 5.

Top Gear The Great Adventures Vol.5 Supercars Across Italy

The final challenge was to see who could log the most miles from the starting point to Baikonur with a condition: Hammond was assigned Brian Wheeler, a sarcastic dwarf mechanic. Porsche Carrera 4 vs Porsche Carrera 2. Initially, they modify a P45 Series 19, Episode 1 with a flashing beacon and a gurney which attaches to gsar rear-mounted hitch, but this fails when the gurney jackknifes and ejects the patient.

Returning from Daytime Television, Hammond competes against May in a game of “Car Ice Hockey” with several Suzuki Swiftsbefore assisting his colleagues in seeing if a Mini can jump further than a skier from a downhill slope.

Streeyfire there was a drag race which Hammond was unable to take part in as his car broke down due to the alarm for which he was deducted 1, points: They were told to report to Kazakhstan, where they were to drive to the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

First, the Merak’s engine exploded, showering the Urraco in pieces of the wreckage and forcing Clarkson to crash into a hedge. Clarkson travelled the shortest distance, but was injured after driving his lorry through a brick wall. Clarkson consequently supercare, while Hammond, who had fallen far behind due to the comparatively small storage space epusode the Suzuki, lost badly.

Hammond, however, still won the overall challenge. There’s a big race across Londonas the presenters see which is the quickest way to get across the city towards London City Airport – May is supporting the car with the Mercedes-Benz GLHammond produces a sweat as he pedals a specialized Sirrus Limited carbon fibre bicycle, Clarkson takes to the Thames in a Cougar powerboat, and The Stig is mystified by a new world as he tries to win with public transport.

Various challenges included a lap of the Castle Combe Circuitchanging the oil and sparkplugs of their cars and driving from Chippenham to a “gentlemen’s club” in Slough on a set amount of fuel.

This challenge was the last completed by Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Supercars in America part 1/4 (Series 19, Episode 2) | Top Gear

The presenters decided to speed up the road works on the B near Bidford in Warwickshire. At the end, the “hopelessly complicated” scores were tallied, and May was declared the winner. A common theme on Top Gear is an approach to reviewing cars that combines standard road tests and opinions with an extremely unusual circumstance, or with a challenge to demonstrate a notable characteristic of the vehicle.