MechaniMoon is sent after them but RyuJinOu fights it. Kenji visits a shrine where he believes gorillas live in the forest. Kenji is playing baseball but doesn’t do very well and gives up when GekiRyuKen upsets him. In the city, strange accidents are occuring despite there being no Jamanga activity for over a week. As the fight goes on, Setoyama prepares to move the magic core, thus keeping the base hidden. In Jamanga, everyone but Dr. Setoyama works on the magic machine as he feels he is useless when it comes to fighting the demons.

Discuss API on Discord. Since nobody believed that demons even exist, SHOT keeps itself in secret, placing their base beneath the Akebono police station through a special elevator that only its members know of. A portal opens in the sky but Kenji can’t transform. The kids encounter Bacchal, a demon, before Kenji finds them. Fudou takes the key to Setoyama, but it causes magic activation device to overload when he tests it. Kenji sees the thief and chases him. The robbers try to take it, but are stopped by the SHOT team.

Fudou is even recalled from national defense duty to take part.

Kenji and Komachi search for a special flower. Amachi learns that after his parents died, Koichi was thought to have died in a fire. RyuGunOu is sent to destroy it while Kenji helps Shigeru.

Everyone but Rin evacuates as the tower is turned into Mobile Fortress Majuuki. Lady Gold creates a giant RyuKenDo to attack the city. Eventually, he comes to work with Kenji and Fudou. The boy reveals that he had a present for RyuJinOu, which the bullies throw away. Setoyama takes the magic core with him, luring Rock Crimson away. Worm using a Madan Key as the core of the monster’s form.


Rin takes the magic core while Setoyama tries to fight Rock Crimson. Setoyama has decyphered the Madan Key from the last battle. Great Decisive Aerial Battle! However, he almost burns up on reentry after being caught in the shockwave of the explosion. Episoed destroys Bacchal, which causes it’s world to collapse. Kenji saves her from the monster. Share them privately if needed.

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He is granted a new power which frees him and finishes Rock Crimson for ultimatd. Kenji follows Koichi, GekiRyuKen having felt magic on him.

The Worst Maneuvers In History!? Escaping, she manages to make the police officers act as the air begins to run out. Komachi suddenly finds that she is real again and can be seen by everyone.

Fudou decides not to tell Kenji about the Key and goes looking for Ruckus himself. A woman is chased into a cave by a demon.

Madan Senki Ryukendo Season 1 Episode 48

In the series aftermath, with GouRyuGun gone, Fudou resumes being a normal police officer, arresting Dr.

Kenji arrives in Akebono City as the riot police set up. To stop it and the out of control Grim Goblin, Kenji fights as well, eventually releasing GekiRyuKen’s energy and returning control to him. Amachi makes him do sit ups while answering ryukendp questions Ryukendo defeats it with his Fire Mode, but the Jamanga somehow took in the fire attack’s source and powered up another Swordsman Familiar with Ryukendo’s fire power.


Kenji later receives the ThunderEagle Key. Lady Gold picks up Kobashiri’s umbrella which releases Minus Energy from his jealousy. He escapes but the power of ultimaet Thunder Key is uptimate much and he is destroyed. Ichiko stops Rock Crimson before he reaches the city but it reforms into humanoid form and attacks her.

As the fight goes on, Setoyama prepares to move the magic core, thus keeping the base hidden. A man attacks a fairground.

Madan Senki Ryukendo

Bloody makes it to Setoyama and the Ryu Core. SHOT learns that the competition is to choose the new leader of a vigilante group set up to fight the Jamanga. Amachi takes it away. In the computer’s world, Kiyoshi sees his mother, but she keeps disappearing.

Madan Senki Ryukendo season 1 episode 48

How to add photo or GIF from web: A young boy named Kiyoshi disappears from his room. Trying to come up with a new plan, Setoyama has trouble tuning a Madan Ryukeno, a Key that might help them beat Rock Crimson. Worm also appears and captures everyone before giving his own lecture on Jamanga.

Akebono-cho Saidai no Jiken! Worm discovers evidence of Komachi’s involvement. Worm creates the demon Jamaindo and sends it to collect Minus Energy.